Get to know me

Hi there, my name is Rodrigo Egana. My passion is photography, traveling, eating great food, watching movies, meeting new/ interesting people, dancing salsa,  cheering on the Oilers, playing guitar and singing in the shower.

I'm at bliss when I see the world for all the beauty it has to offer and capturing it with my camera. I recently got engaged to the love of my life Roxy and am planning for my own destination wedding in 2018!

Here are a few places on my travel bucket list

  • Greece
  • Bora Bora
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Kauai
  • Iceland
  • Thailand
  • South Africa
  • Peru
  • Return to Spain yearly



14700985_10154760102494180_8747784694258364930_o (1).jpg

She said YES on October 21st 2016 during our trip to Punta Cana!

Here's shortlist of some of the gear I shoot with. To be honest, as long as you have a understanding of photography the camera make or model doesn't really matter that much.

  • D800 bodies
  • Sigma 85mm
  • Sigma 35mm
  • Nikon 24-70mm
  • Nikon 70-200mm
  • Nikon 50mm
  • Bowens Lighting